On Gifted and #GTChat on Twitter

by Les (a.k.a. @leslinks on twitter)

At the beginning of this year I was just toying around with  a new item that was out there on the internet.  It had been suggested to me that perhaps it would be a good way to meet folk with kindred spirits out there in Cyber space….  I was cautious.. a little nervous… you hear so much about being careful with information, and I had heard of how open and transparent this platform was.. incredibly, it was precisly this welcoming and refreshing openness and transparency that made it so interesting and fostered the links between people who had similar interests and ways of looking at life..

It also allowed these communities of people to gather together and share their knowledge creating PLN’s (Personal Learning Networks), example: Cybraryman1, who not only has a vast website of links useful to educators and parents, but also very involved in a large number of sharing communities on twitter at @cybraryman1, whatever their professional or personal interests.  Very very importantly, it broke down barriers, not only between people, but also between people in other countries around the world.. This was a world without boarders, where learning from each other and supporting each other on a global scale was taking place. It also allowed a platform for Advocay on a grand scale. Twitter, yup.. I became a fledging.

What I did not know was that someone across the great pond (who had seen this vision as a major possibility for advocating for the Gifted was working very hard to create a vehicle by which this could happen. Deborah Mersino, Mom, advocate and professional, had begun her lifes work, through her site Ingeniosus. Through a twitter account she started what in the twitter world is known as a ‘Chat’.., in this case a #gtchat…an event that brings people together at a certain time and day to chat about what interests them. This single action, has created a tidal wave of gifted support out there in cyberspace..

#Gtchat takes place on Fridays at 12noon and 7pm USA time, and 5pm and Midnight Irish time.. How it works:

Deborah puts up a poll sometime during the week, and all tweeple (tweeting people) have access to vote on the subjects therein.  The top two go on to be the #gtchat subjects of that week.  During the #gtchats there is a wealth of information, and expertise exchanged by many different types of professionals, and this includes but is not limited to, psychologists, educators and parents (in my book, parents are professionals too!!), as well as many many grown up gifted adults, such as @lilnerdette and her blogsite. The exchanges result in a collection of phenominally useful links which can be found throughout the transcripts, or occasionally consolidated into subject areas on the Ingeniosus site, such as books for the gifted, and Math Mania.. It also has had good results for spreading the word about advocay (the Javits Grant) and funding opportunities in different countries such as recently in Roya’s (@begabungs) Germany for the Bavarian Centre and the USA for SENG.

The gifted cyber community that was brought together by Deborah Mersino and Ingeniosus grows day by day and we cannot but thank her kindly for her great forsight on the possibilities that she not only visualised, but than created and brought to fruition…#Gtchat.    Many respected advocates and sites are now following including Hoagies, the Davison Institue, and SENG.  Many fantastic people have come to light. Including, but not limited to Deepwaterscoach, a life coach for gifted adults, ljconrad, gifted blogmistress and advocate and artistic Jofrei, gifted support resources form the land down under, just to name a few. There are many many international followers, including many from Ireland which is well represented. There are far to many within the #gtchat community to mention everyone, however I will attempt, as this blogsite develops, to include links where appropriate in spots/the pages if and as long as folk are happy with it..

Deborah is a Mega #gtstoogie (the wilder side of our community) and ALL our cyber hats are off to you.. ;-D.

For instructions on how to join and vote on the twipoll please click on #gtchat.

During the chat times it is best to use either tweetchat or tweetdeck for instructions pls click on the link. Probably best to give these a trial run, a few days before, just to get the hang of using them. ;-D.

Links to the previous #gtchats transcripts for those who wish to  avail of the information gathered there are found by clicking on #gtchats transcripts. These are  added to on a weekly basis.

  1. Lisa Conrad
    August 18, 2010 at 9:43p

    Thank you, Les. I feel the same way about #gtchat. I believe it is just in its infancy with a long way to grow. I am excited about meeting you, Deborah, and so many others who share the vision. 😉 I look forward to working together for gifted everywhere without regard to borders or time zones. Our efforts have the potential to inspire gifted parents, educators, and advocates thoughout the world. Great post, my friend.

  2. October 13, 2010 at 9:43p

    Thank you for a great post about #gtchat and #gtstoogies and for giving me a mention! The #gtchats are the high point of the week for me. I love gathering with kindred spirits from all round the world and the sharing, support and encouragement it brings.

    • October 13, 2010 at 9:43p

      Hi Jo

      It is always nice to see a comment that agrees with this point of view, and of course I would mention you! We are all together on this planet, and that we all see supporting our gifted supporters and children as our main focus can help, and joining #gtchat, sharing info and experience is a wonderful way to collaborate and help spread useful and innovative ideas and practices.. TY for dropping in!!;-D

  3. October 14, 2010 at 9:43p

    Cannot tell you how much I have loved gtchat 🙂

    • October 14, 2010 at 9:43p

      Cool Susanne… and thanks for commenting as well..;-D

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