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On Giftedness and Some Talented and Creative Teaching Strategies…. (coming soon…)

On this page I hope to share a few strategies that may be of use in supporting gifted students. Some are common in other countries worldwide, and some may be particularly useful in an Irish Classroom…


Some commonly used strategies worldwide would include the following:

Differentiating the Curriculum– As gifted children learn a little differently, faster and often ealier than other children, it stands to reason that, within a classroom and the school setting, it is important to address these special learning needs.  There are four main ways that the curriculum could be made different, through the modification of  the Process, the Product, the Content and/or the Learning Environment. (see

Acceleration – Acceleration often gets a bad rap. However it is a very real option that should be considered seriously by educators and schools.  As often happens news about bad experiences with acceleration appear to be quite common, where as positive experiences do not seem to make the news so much.  This does not mean however that it is wrong.  It more than likely just means, as with most news these days, that bad news travels quicker and also, and sadly it is bad news that generally sells as more folk are likey to read it.

Many folk do not realise that ‘grade skipping’ is not the only form of acceleration out there, or indeed that there is a ‘right’ way (carefully planned and monitored, assessing whether a child is a good candidate from angles that are not only academic, etc., continuous support for teacher and child)  to approach this strategy and a ‘wrong’ way (approve a grade skip, place child in a higher grade, walk away and let them and the teacher get on with it… without any additional or further support.. ).  Research demonstraits that if done carefully and correctly acceleration can be a valuable, cost efficiant  and successful strategy to use when thinking about meeting the needs of exceptionally able and gifted students. There are acctually over 18 different ways to accelerate, and a fantastic, free, research based book, translated into many languages from the  Belin Blank Center out of the University of Iwoa, called ‘A Nation Decieved’ which would be beneficial for those who would like to know more about this type of strategy.

Clustering– Within an otherwise mixed-ability classroom, clustering 6-10 gifted students for full-time instruc tion.

Full-tim self-contained classes of gifted students: These are full-time classes for gifted students within schools.  Many schools in U.S.A and Australia currently operate such classes

Specific Subject Groupings: Students are grouped with other gifted students only for those subjects in which they show high achievement or aptitude.

Magnet School for the gifted. These are special schools for gifted and highly able students with full-time grouping.  These schools serve academically gifted students and children gifted in music, the performing arts, and sport and athletics. There are also STEM schools which concentrate on students with high abilities in Science Technology Engineering and Math.

Mentoring– Students recieving special tuition from an expert in a field of interest, or area of ability.

(Some of the above information was taken from ‘Understanding Gifted Children’ a past publication from the Irish Association for Gifted Children (IAGC), which sadly no longer exists).


Some strategies that might be useful in an Irish classroom situation:  (coming soon….)



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