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On Giftedness and Parents…. (coming soon)

Parents, Gifted Parents… can be some of the wisest, and yet the loneliest people I have run across.  If truth be told there are times when we may be almost more needy than our children.. Interestingly enough, I have often heard gifted parents talk about how understanding parents of other special needs children seem to ‘get’ their pain, and are more sympathetic and understanding of their asynchrony than neurally typical parents of neurally typical children.  I believe it has much more to do with how ‘needs’ moving progressivly away from a centre of typicality, or ‘norm’ affect perceptions of a child and their difficulties, rather than the difficulties themselves.. like an Onion, every layer further from the center, no mater what the ability or disability is, is that much further from the norm and therefor as such is a discrepancy or asynchrony which in itself defines a special need.

I really want to write more about on the topic of parents of gifted kids, and will do so soon.. there are so many issues that we face… but will need having a bit of time and space to do so… in the meantime, without going into to much detail just yet in regards to assessment, I thought this would be interesting to some… it is an instrument designed for parents to ‘identiy’ their children and I think, it’s great.  About time someone invented one of these for those who have the closest association with their kids ;-D

From the well known, and well esteemed Dr. Deborah Ruff, in the USA, have a peek at this:

http://www.talentigniter.com/ruf-estimates Deborah Ruff


Note: This page is not complete, and will continue writing here sometime soon….. ;-D

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