On Gifted Support and Sharing…

The purpose of this Blog is just to share my thoughts, and some experience/experiences with others who may be interested. I hope some of it may be beneficial to those who read what they find here.. It is not by any means meant to be taken as a professional site or a how to guide for the gifted. I do not believe in how to guides.. I believe you must read , and read widely and broadly.. and ask athousand questions, and take the bits from everything you read and hear, and then apply what makes sense to the needs of your own particular child/situation/classroom.. only in that way will you find the custom design that will work for you. And even then, there will be teething problems.

I also hope to be able to share a few useful links that may make providing for this population of students/children a little easier, or perhaps give some food for thought… I hope not to overwhelm  with to much information, but I do hope to ignite a little spark that may lead to a desire to learn more about Gifted, Talented and Creative Children.

Please be aware that this is a new site, and is still being developed and as such does not contain everything I would like to share just yet.. But I’ll get there!!

I am also, should anyone out there, be interested, available for giving presentations and talks on a variety of issues/topics related/ affecting gifted children, and would be happy to hear from you.

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