G&T Leslinks Useful links page

On Giftedness and Leslinks Useful Links collection page..

This is my livebinder collection of links loosely organised by subject,  may it be enjoyed and hopefully be useful to some of you:

If you click on this link, it will hopefully, take you to my binder shelf, there you may browse through a number of binders containing a large number of random, and sometimes useful links.

Such as:







Leslinks- Classical Studies



Leslinks- 21st Century

Leslinks- Classroom Technology

Leslinks- Gifted Homeschoolers

Leslinks- 2E Gifted & LD or Twice Exceptional

Leslinks- Social Sciences/ Humanities

Leslinks-Visual misc

Leslinks- Politics n some history

Leslinks- ESL English (English as a Second Language)

Leslinks- Religious Studies

Leslinks- G&T Education- various

Leslinks- Museum Sites

Leslinks- Critical thinking

Leslinks- Differentiation

Leslinks- Administrators

Leslinks- Pyschology

Leslinks- Art/Graphics

Leslinks- Libraries and Librarians

Leslinks- Home Ec

Leslinks- Skills- Typing/Keyboarding ect.

Leslinks- Food

More links to individual binders will be added bit by bit.. pls note that these are ‘live’ binders.. ie, meaning that they will be edited and added to, or pruned, as I see the need..  ;-D…

Also note that I am not the author of any of the said links that are found in these folders nor do I lay claim to have had any part in their making.  All links/sites are understood to be used/and viewed at the readers own discretion, and as such the author of this blogsite accepts no liability for any difficulties or content problems encountered with their use.

Do, however, leave a comment if you find a difficulty with a link, and I will endeavour to remove or replace it if possible.

I would like to acknowledge all the folk who are responsible for both the authoring of these links/pages/sites, as well as those who put them out there on the internet for the rest of us to find.

Although there are really to many of you for me to try and name anyone individually,  of particular note, sharing their vast links and knowledge over twitter, and some on Facebook,  would be Cybraryman1, who’s site has provided an extraordinary amount of useful pages with  links, and another would be Marynabadenhorst , who has supplied some amazing links., and has some powerful Tech and other info on their site. Also goes without saying, Hoagies and Gifted Homeschool Forum both of which continue to supply great stuff.   I would like to say thankyou to you all, as well as everyone else who give so kindly and generously over the web. I am  also hoping that you would be pleased, rather than annoyed, that your work/find is being shared and used by those who do appreciate it..  THANK YOU!!!

(I am hoping to list here, the Cyberhandles of folk who have been  contributors of particularly good links for these binder collections when time allows)

Also if for any reason you should find a link to a page belonging to you, and you would rather not be linked to this blog, pleas feel free to contact me in a comment, and I will remove your link from the binder.

Leslinks Ireland

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