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On Giftedness, Depression, Life and Hope….

‘On Giftedness, Depression, Life and Hope… ‘- a poem/musings


You Will Survive…’— by Leslie Graves—

Darkness grips, entwining itself like smokey tendrils rising, spreading, from some smoldering, oxygen starved ember buried deep in the cellars of ones mind, rising, seeking chinks and niches, slipping through.. The needles stand straight, like soldiers, pin-pricks there to remind of pain- guarding–‘don’t go there’!!, however, needles have eyes…

The wispy, ghostly-gauzy tendrils slip through, chard smell a constant companion, as dense grey fog envelopes all. Within, the tide is rising, crashing waves upon ones shores, as it recedes, so whispery, gently slipping back within its core, ones winking blinking sparkles twinkling emerge and shining, lie, so many precious, fallen stars, along the tidelines of our many lives- and tell us- you-will- survive…

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