G&T Presentations

On Giftedness and a sample of information on Presentations I have given, or am available to give… (may be updated occasionally..)

“No Bed of Roses, and Beyond”– Three generations of a family’s journey through the world of exceptional ability (giftedness).  Gifted kids do not sort easily like eggs into boxes, their path to fruition is many times a rocky one, however with understanding, patience and a little validation, the are windows of success, through which we gaze, may one day open, letting them into the world, to find their own unique purpose and joy.

“A Composition of Complexity- In ‘G’ major (or minor)”– There are many among the Exceptionally Able(Gifted) populations, (usually the greater the giftedness, the greater the asynchrony or discrepancy) who, for one reason or another, have some instruments working at maximum (far to loud), and others at a minimum (needs work!) or not at all (missing?). Provision for these children requires careful and thoughtful planning, supporting them where they are weak, helping them reach those elusive notes, and finding their own rythmns. (approx time:  30-45min.. but can be compacted or expanded if needed.)

” Gifted Girls Growing up- Can you see me?”–

We all want to see equality and fairness when dealing with our students. With each child to be nurtured as an  individual. However, even today, in our times where both men and women have many equal opportunities, it is easy to subconsciously place roadblocks in the way of exceptionally able girls. With a little careful reflection, and thought we can  give them space to develop an internal harmony, good self-esteem, independence, contentedness, and self worth.

“Challenging Times- Meeting the Needs of Exceptionally Able (Gifted) Learners”–

This presentation will give brief background on exceptional ability, legislation and identification issues, resources and support available in Ireland and abroad and the impact of this/these may have on teaching for exceptional ability in the Irish School System.

It will  explore  a few practical suggested strategies/examples that are possible to implement in Irish schools or classrooms, and some classroom Technology.  The success of these may vary dependent on a schools individual situation.  It will also explore methods of developing a PLN, or personal learning network, through use of the internet and other mediums, to assist teachers in resource and learning acquisition.

(approx time:  45 min to 1hour…  )

“Morton the Mentor (Librarian) on hearing ‘Whos’ “–

A fun light hearted, storey/poem written in the tradition of Dr. Suess’s  Book- ‘Horton hears a Who’-  explores the story of a gifted child having been identified by a school librarian, and the efforts they made to get the childs need’s met.  Suggested strategies and information on how school libraries and librarians  can be a real asset, help and a sanctuary for Exceptionally able children will be discussed and explored.

30-45 min.   (can be longer or shorter as required)

These are just a small sample of  a larger number of available presentations, however  new presentations may be developed, to suit individal need or according to the situation for which it is requested.

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