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IYGC 2013- On Celebrating International Year of Giftedness and Creativity (WCGTC)

January 2, 2013 1 comment

Photo by Magdzia s under Creative Commons Licence

On Giftedness and Celebrating Giftedness and Creativity in many places…  let us begin…

So…… While the New Year (2013) has already arrived in some places of our great spaceship earth, is about to arrive here, and may still be almost a day away in yet other countries… I think it safe to say that for most, it is an occasion which is eagerly awaited and welcomed… the letting go of what troubled us, and a new opportunity to embrace hope and wonder and possibilities….

It would be unrealistic of me to not to say or acknowledge that many of us are grateful to have made it through another year, through whatever extraordinary stories of strength, joy, pain and fortitude…However, it is also realistic of me to hope that we, individually and as a community, the gifted and talented community, will face this new, upcoming year with renewed hope and joyful enthusiasm, compassion and understanding,especially if things aren’t exactly as were hoped, and the strength to know when we need to let go and find new, unique ways of meeting challenges placed before us.

It kind of reminds me of when I was a child, trying to figure out why a certain kite I had made wouldn’t fly/get off the ground.. the consternation that came with what had to be done to it to make it work, adding a bit of weight here,  lengthening it’s tail, and  then, the joy of letting go, taking the materials and perhaps something more, and redesigning it all together…   I was constantly ‘accused’ of deviating from original instructions when working on a problem and trying to transform it into / allowing it to become something new..   The end products did not always look like conventional kites, however  I can say that surprisingly enough many of them did indeed take to the skys…

Creativity in this life is important, creativity is daring to be different, and in daring to be different we find ourselves capable of being/becoming/creating something unique in this world.  A something, which against all odds, may actually work… teehee…  Creativity can also be found in the most unlikely places, as seen below, and can bring a whole new meaning to recycling or even ‘junk art’… Creativity is.. well…it is “HOPE….”

This year, 2013, is our year of “hope”,   hope as an international community, to celebrate the International  Year of  Giftedness and Creativity. I am asking, in this brand new year we have, this 2013, that we all take a good  look at our individual (gifted awareness) kites.  I know each will be different from the next, child, parent, teacher, advocate, practitioner, researcher  or organisation, association, support group be it local, national or international.  One may be a box kite, or a chinese dragon, or a simple diamond, or a shape as yet unknown, and although they might not all agree with each other, I am positive that each has a very interesting story behind how it was constructed and or kept afloat.  You may have creative ideas and plans that will perfect your kite in the future, redesigns and reconstructions, or the way that you (will) reel in/out your spool as you manage the dips and dives your kite may take.

Very soon we will be asking for you to share some of these stories, as well as information on how you, your organisation or country plan on celebrating giftedness and creativity this year, so that we may help you share this with the rest of the world.  We also hope to have a number of activities during the year as well, which participants can join in. It is hoped that we can all be positive and enter into this with the spirit that within all our different experiences, efforts, samplers and examples – lie a greater good that will add to the richness of our diverse community, learning from each other and further and enhance our abilities to support and advocate, and strengthen the ties that bind us.

I also hope that there will be forgiveness and understanding if things do not go exactly as one planned as that is in essence part of the inherent chaos in creativity, and in knowing this, that we will embrace whatever new trijectories may need to be followed during this time, with joy and wonder.

A fair wind for our communal gifted awareness kite?  Let’s hope so… let’s give it the best chance we’ve got.. together…with all our other kites, of the many shapes and colours,  let us help it rise… with your/our many coloured celebrations of giftedness and creativity… Let us leave conflicts behind and work on becoming more visible in 2013- worldwide… again, for reflection: What will your kite look like this year? How will you shape it? What unique features do you hope it will contain? In what way would you have it add to our Communal Kite?… and when you get there, don’t be afraid to share it with us so we may share it with others too..

The celebration will culminate in the 20th anniversary World Council Conference in Kentucky, where we hope to highlight the shared efforts made by our worldwide community, and which in turn will keep our communal gifted awareness kite flying high, and we hope, that it will be experienced by many.. And, while your thinking on this, please do take a moment to visit the Conference website and have a look at  the wide range of strands on offer, and consider  either attending or contributing as  an individual as a way of  celebrating in 2013.

Let’s go fly a kite, up where the air is bright, let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring, up through the atmosphere up where the air is clear, Let’s all go… fly a kite……. “!  (from the soundtrack of Mary Poppins-Movie)

On Giftedness and liking….Physics..

May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Click on the image to go to Sciencekids site

‘Gifted and liking…. Physics…

Physics is a subject that can be quite interesting and kids that are into how things work, can get quite excited about this subject.  It can many times be almost equated to ‘magic’ at times as fascinating things can happen when we delve deeply into what one can do.

Dependent on what you are doing with it, it also spans/can span a range of disciplines, including math, cookery, architecture, various sciences, art and any number of subjects both natural and not so natural..

This binder does not contain a huge number of links, but I have been told that a number of them have been useful and enjoyable to those who have explored it.. such as..

The Particle adventure a game that deals with the fundamentals of mater and force  it can be played in several languages and is an

award-  winning interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, extra matter, dark matter, accelerators and particles…..

Build a Trebuchet Challenge– custom build a trebuchet taking in distance, accuracy and power…

I have included useful things like Physic Animations  and physics videos, and Periodic videos   and a number of other items of interest including the physics of pizza tossing…

I hope that readers find something of use to them in my Physics livebinder.  Stay tuned next Monday for another binder shared.

Enjoy ;-D

Giftedness and liking…… Geography

This image comes from the site, who provide a lot of free resources and free clip art for educational purposes, please click on the image if you would like to explore

‘Gifted and liking……. Geography!!

Many folk like Maps… knowing how to get places, where things are located, how to find them….  and even if you don’t, they are quite an essential thing to learn about, and how to go about reading them.  The thing is there are many different types of maps, and of course the information that goes with them, and what their purpose is, and what they can tell us about the subjects we are wanting to learn about.

Some kids even love them so much, they become their favorite activity… a relatives sons favorite (and requested) bedtime story between the ages of 2-3 was the world Atlas… he loved to pour over it with mom or dad, in the glow of the bedside lamp, learning all the river names in Russia, or the state capitols in the USA…. he filled his days with map jigsaws …. funny… this may be one reason why he is studying History today…  and has such a deep interest in the world…

Geography, knowing about places, where they are and how to get there can mean much more than just looking at maps however… and hopefully some of the links I have collected can help folks in helping their students see this and have fun doing so as well…  It can link to all kinds of subjects such as History..

It can also link to cultural themes or even Home Ec  such as this Food around the world..  Global table adventure..  or even an edible chocolate map…The world made of chocolate.….

It can tell us where languages came from,   or tell us real time stories about issues we are all dealing with in the world around us….

The highest mountains  and the deepest valley  and explore the biosphere…

This livebinder also contains a number of games which may also be a lot of fun, and help to engage an interest in the world around us… such as this one for learning latitude and longitude..

I hope that My livebinder on Geography may be of use, and stay tuned next Monday, I wonder which binder I will pick next?

Yours in Gifted


1. Gifted and…MATH

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This picture is from a very nice website called 'MathisFun' which is also included in my Math livebinder. I would ask that you visit it, with your students/children.. explore and have fun!!

‘Gifted and Interested … in.. MATH.. ‘

In this first of a series of 10 interest based pieces, in which  a number of links will be shared and discussed briefly in terms of how they may be useful in keeping certain students minds open to a subject that they could easily lose interest in, if very advanced, and being mainstreamed, or alternatively, may have no interest in due to a number of reasons, or feel that they have no use for past basic computation skills useful for buying items at a local mall.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I believe it can be useful to have an unusual collection of resources that just might keep a spark or interest alive in a subject for a student, thus allowing for continued engagement, this may be by linking it to another subject that you as the students teacher/parent or mentor may suspect would be met with a positive reception.  With this in mind, I recommend taking time to reflect about each student/child and write down what you have observed that they are into, or that you believe they may enjoy.. and then secondly think about how this could be linked or have relevance to the topic that is to be taught… in this instance we are talking Math.  Maybe you have a child that is/is not advanced/interested in Math, but also has a strong interest in Nature/gardening.  You  might be starting a collection of links or other activities based around these two themes as long as they are connected.  These then could be used/sprinkled throughout the year during lesson time or just spare time, to keep a student/child thinking and engaging with the subjects. Also to teach how interconnected subjects can be and why one may be necessary in real life at times, in order to fully understand and enjoy another.. and it’s intristic beauty..

To get you started, I am going to share a few items from my livebinders, in particular, and for this post the Livebinder on Math which I feel may be useful for some.  The binder is,  as all my binders are,  not very well organised, but does contain a wealth of links. I think of it more like a treasure chest that needs to be rummaged through as one looks for meaningful bits of treasure… you never know what you will find within.

Math and Nature 

A very visual way to show students how Math and our Natural World are connected would be to use videos such as this:


Another wonderful video, from How stuff works,  explains the connections between the two, just beautifully, click on the link below:

Understanding mathematics and Nature

It also explains geometric connections… this in turn, should one think it helpful, could also be applied to the idea that shapes, such as these are also integral to other disciplines such as Art, architecture and can come into play in many other subjects… Ask students to think how a triangle may be/relate to history?,  Strategical military planning ?, Gardening?…..   speaking of gardening…. take a look at the following links:

The Cosmic Garden– is a very special garden in England that is only open once a year for a limited time. It is laid out in all kinds of Mathematical pathways, shapes, structures, flower beds, bridges and forms… This would make a good field trip for anyone living nearby, or alternatively give ideas for a revamping project of a schools own garden… Could some of these ideas be adapted to suit? Would student(s) take on a challenge to build/plant a small mathematical cosmic garden at home/school grounds?

Labyrinth– or Mazes as they are more commonly known, also involve numbers and math… it may interest students to know that they are not only found in activity books or on sheets of paper… but there are many many different kinds, including living growing mazes in a number of gardens, both older historical ones, and more modern ones,  in different countries in the world.. There are even some that are made out of corn fields, or Maize Mazes,  and appear and disappear each year!!   Could students work out how to grow one?,  a mini one that perhaps a class hamster could negotiate?,  Or alternatively if living in a rural farming/corn/growing community could a school or class plan and see if they could  grow one over a year… A project that could yield fundraising money for the school, as students open the Maize Maze to the public a month before harvest, and could charge an entry fee….

Apart from these wonderful growing things links, there are loads of ways to explore … and a number of additional links to do so can be found by digging around a little in my math livebinder…

Math and Music?

There are connections between Math and Music… which might surprise but also spark interest in students who may have a passion for both or either..

Leibniz once said that “music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting”.  –  is a quote taken from this site called ‘Music of the Primes‘-  that has a wealth of information and resources

The Prime number listening Guide – calls itself – ‘a noisy introduction to prime number theory…’   — it has some good interactive and noisy activities…

Where Math meets Music  explores sound wave patterns, frequency and sound engineering

Harmony and proportion explores math in musical harmonies and interestingly linking back to philosophers (this could also have scope for those students who may enjoy classics… )

Feel free to explore my Math Livebinder by clicking below, for links such as these related to

Math and Art Math and Arquitecture Math and Food Math and Codes Math and Cards Math and knitting/quilts Math and cats Math and Real World Math and well, just a whole lot of things on this planet that we all share…

Happy hunting!!!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and  have found that the information that has been shared has been in some way helpful. Remember, this livebinder, and many others can also be accessed through the useful link tab from the top menu bar of this blog.

Which livebinder will I share and explore with folks next Monday?  Well, come back again and find out in 7 days time!!

Yours in gifted

Leslinks ;-D

Giftedness and interested in…..

April 22, 2012 1 comment

This shape is based on twelve 5-sided units like a dodecahedron. But they bump out, so the form is more like a small stellated dodecahedron. This was designed by Norah Gaughan, who provides instructions in this Berroco pattern, from a link found on the Math Mondays site. (This image of her work, comes from from a wonderful blog site called Math Mondays by George Hart for the mathematics Museum , click on this image to explore that site, the caption on the site also gives details and credit to the creator of the image found above and a link to the pattern as well)

‘Gifted and Interested… in ….’

Often, and in reality, it can be difficult to find the time to provide full on programs for gifted kids both in the classroom or at home, as life and things just seem to get the better of us, or time…. that elusive and precious element.. time… just seems to be lacking..  when this happens, it is important to keep in mind that the most important of all things is to keep a student interested, and to avoid disengagement if at all possible..  In my experience one way of doing this is to try and identify interests and then feed those interests, even in small doses, through the subjects you are needing to teach.. a few unusual attention grabbing links can go a long way to keep a few sparks alive.. and that in a nutshell is the whole point I would think.  Picture and Arty or Home Ec student taking part in a Math crochet or knitting project.. hmmm

Many of you are aware that I have not written for a while, some of you know the reasons why.  I would say that mostly it is because my energies  have been needed elsewhere, and necesitated putting my blog on a shelf for a bit.  However, my readers are important to me, and  It enjoy their contact and sharing helpful info.  So I have thought that maybe it might be fun to write a series of posts, on specific subjects related to my livebinder collections, that might be useful to folks who are working with Gifted or Exceptionally Able students (or may be gifted themselves) and could be looking for resources or added interest in a particular area….

As I have a gazillion Livebinders on a wide and broad range of subjects, there should be something which will be of use to folks over the next while… please let me know if you enjoy any of the choices I offer for your enjoyment, and also, if there is a subject, that you would like to see a collection of , that you would think might be useful to many, please also let me know.. I will do my best to put together a collection for you and others to share..  Stay tuned in Mondays… first Post in this series will be:

Gifted and… MATH

Hoping it will be enjoyable and that you find some treasures to keep the spark alive.. ;-D