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On Giftedness and National Parenting Gifted Children Week-2012- July 13-21st

This is just a small blogpost to acknowledge an Awareness week that is taking place in the USA, the Celebration of National Parenting Gifted Children Week 2012, on almost a parallel set of dates as the NZ Gifted Awareness Week 2012.  This is quite a joyous thing I think, as it means tha Matters Gifted are being given a great deal of attention during the same week, only a month apart on two continents on to different sides of the world Around THE SAME TIME….  That has to create alot of POSITIVE ENERGY out there folks, in relation to giftedness… andt that… is  A GOOD THING…

I know that SENG had a blog tour last year.  This year it appears they may choose not to, but that is ok, as what they are doing is staging an excellent Conference, and  from the SENG website itself, they give the following information:

This year, SENG is begining  its celebration with its SENG 2012 Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Shining Light on Giftedness: Empowering Families and Communities, July 13-14, 2012. The conference features keynote speakers and authors Michael Piechowski, Rosina Gallagher, and Joy Lawson Davis, as well as nearly 50 different sessions designed for grandparents, parents, educators and mental health professionals; continuing education credit options for psychologists, health professionals and educators; and programs for children and teens. Register online at http://www.sengifted.org/programs/conferences/milwaukee-2012-conference/registration.

To learn more about the SENG conference, visit http://www.sengifted.org and read a recent interview with SENG Founder James T. Webb, “Organization Rallies for Gifted Children” (http://www.examiner.com/article/organization-supports-gifted-children).

They also offer a list of what folk can do during the week to support and take part in other ways too:

What can you do to support NPGC Week?

  • Register for the SENG 2012 Conference: Shining Light on Giftedness.
  • Download SENG’s FREE ebook, The Joy and the Challenge: Parenting Gifted Children, published to celebrate NPGC Week 2011, available for KindleNook, and from Smashwords.
  • Sign up for SENG’s FREE newsletter to be among the first to receive information about our new 2012 NPGC Week ebook.
  • Encourage organizations, schools and businesses in your area that provide resources for families of gifted children to publicize information.
  • Forward SENG’s NPGC Week news release to your local papers.
  • Join SENG on Facebook and Twitter, and post information on your own social media pages.
  • Watch and share SENG’s YouTube video The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children and the MSN video report “Is My Child Gifted?

SENG,  The Organisation Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted, is a fantastic organisation which has helped innumerable families and children, and I like/love the idea that at least somewhere someone (Dr. James T. Webb) thought about celebrating a week given over to those muchly uncelebrated Mom’s and Dad’s… the care worn, the constants, the always there no matter what folk, those that wipe the tears, empty their bank accounts and get up at o’dark thirty every morning and go to bed o’so late in the night-just to help make things happen for their kids.  Those living with great joy in their hearts, but often with great pain and worry as they navigate the highways and byways of bringing up these wonderous kids.  These kids, which like beautiful dragonflies, alight for just a moment of their lives on their parents hands, hovering there, before they decide which way to go… the hands that support, nurture and care for them, and help  them make/support the decisions they will take.. before they fly away and become all of who they want to be..begin the story of themselves.

Parents of Gifted Children.. YOU are so  important, and as a parent from me to all of you.. I wish to salute you, and celebrate with you and SENG and the NPGC-2012.. May your awareness week be encouraging and self affirming. Rest assured that this event, as on last years slide collection of Awareness events around the world 2011, will be recorded on this years collection for 2012.  It is hoped that it will be ready for release during the WCGTC’s International Week of  the Gifted, during the second week in August 2012 – In celebration and acknowledgment of all Gifted Awareness events and efforts by countries, cultures and their peoples  worldwide.

I would also like to encourage anyone, If they have been inspired by reading a few of the blogposts from the New Zealand Gifted Awarness Week 2012 who would like to start saving their pennies now, to think about going to the WCGTC2013 World Conference in New Zealand... second week in August 2013.  A long way to go yes… but the trip of a lifetime, and.. what a wonderful conference it will be.  With a title ofThe Soul of Giftedness’.... and held during the International Year for Giftedness and Creativity,  it can’t but help to be a magical and transforming experience.. and it would be wonderful to have many many parents and families there..  and a wonderful excuse to go see where the Lord of the Rings was filmed too… ;-D…

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