On Giftedness and liking….Physics..

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‘Gifted and liking…. Physics…

Physics is a subject that can be quite interesting and kids that are into how things work, can get quite excited about this subject.  It can many times be almost equated to ‘magic’ at times as fascinating things can happen when we delve deeply into what one can do.

Dependent on what you are doing with it, it also spans/can span a range of disciplines, including math, cookery, architecture, various sciences, art and any number of subjects both natural and not so natural..

This binder does not contain a huge number of links, but I have been told that a number of them have been useful and enjoyable to those who have explored it.. such as..

The Particle adventure a game that deals with the fundamentals of mater and force  it can be played in several languages and is an

award-  winning interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, extra matter, dark matter, accelerators and particles…..

Build a Trebuchet Challenge– custom build a trebuchet taking in distance, accuracy and power…

I have included useful things like Physic Animations  and physics videos, and Periodic videos   and a number of other items of interest including the physics of pizza tossing…

I hope that readers find something of use to them in my Physics livebinder.  Stay tuned next Monday for another binder shared.

Enjoy ;-D

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