Giftedness and liking…… Geography

This image comes from the site, who provide a lot of free resources and free clip art for educational purposes, please click on the image if you would like to explore

‘Gifted and liking……. Geography!!

Many folk like Maps… knowing how to get places, where things are located, how to find them….  and even if you don’t, they are quite an essential thing to learn about, and how to go about reading them.  The thing is there are many different types of maps, and of course the information that goes with them, and what their purpose is, and what they can tell us about the subjects we are wanting to learn about.

Some kids even love them so much, they become their favorite activity… a relatives sons favorite (and requested) bedtime story between the ages of 2-3 was the world Atlas… he loved to pour over it with mom or dad, in the glow of the bedside lamp, learning all the river names in Russia, or the state capitols in the USA…. he filled his days with map jigsaws …. funny… this may be one reason why he is studying History today…  and has such a deep interest in the world…

Geography, knowing about places, where they are and how to get there can mean much more than just looking at maps however… and hopefully some of the links I have collected can help folks in helping their students see this and have fun doing so as well…  It can link to all kinds of subjects such as History..

It can also link to cultural themes or even Home Ec  such as this Food around the world..  Global table adventure..  or even an edible chocolate map…The world made of chocolate.….

It can tell us where languages came from,   or tell us real time stories about issues we are all dealing with in the world around us….

The highest mountains  and the deepest valley  and explore the biosphere…

This livebinder also contains a number of games which may also be a lot of fun, and help to engage an interest in the world around us… such as this one for learning latitude and longitude..

I hope that My livebinder on Geography may be of use, and stay tuned next Monday, I wonder which binder I will pick next?

Yours in Gifted


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