2. Giftedness and Liking… History




Gifted and  liking… History… ‘

In this second post in this series, I will share a few links from my History Livebinder that has grown quite full over the last few years…. For those of you who are looking for some interesting or maybe unusual links to explore, and keep a kids spark alive, you just might find something of use in this binder.  As I have mentioned there is no general organisational strategy, and it is more like foraging in a treasure chest, it can be fun, and I am sure you will find some surprises (such as A Europe of Tales) and gems.

The Ancient Web.com explores, well a lot of ancient history including things like Anglo- Saxons, ancient Indonesia, ancient Poland, ancient Korea, ancient Americas…. well.. just a whole lot of ancient civilizations world-wide… great for kids who like ‘ancient’ stuff.

Here’s an interesting one… Bad Behaviour in Medieval Europe… some great stuff here that is interesting and surprising and might even bring a smile to a face now and then..  some ‘Did you know….. ‘ moments for sure…

Historical connections to Black history (USA).. including some very interesting information on the underground railroad, and secret quilt codes could also be cross curricular, and used I think with a home economics class perhaps… sewing a freedom quilt would be a neat way to experience history hands on…

There are a number of sites for Women in history too..

A Clickable Mummy…  could be fun for budding Egyptologists….

Historical Maps collections   and 100 bests sites to fine primary resources  and History in Youtube

Given Gifted kids propensity for liking unusual stuff.. there are items such as Historical Bottles   or  photographs in history  perhaps create their own Museum

Feel free to explore and play around in my History Livebinder, I hope you find something useful and also something you may not have known before!!  ;-D..  I would also like to invite anyone who may have a good link or two which could be added to the livebinder, I would be happy to include it… Happy hunting!!


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