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Namibia Gifted Education Awareness Week


It is always exciting to hear of a new country being proactive and raising awareness of its talented and able youth.  I am particularly pleased with this initiative because it means that there is an additional map and details which I can add to the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children’s Slide Share collection of countries around the world who are staging annual awareness events .  It will be nice to add Namibia, and include its name and to record its gifted awareness raising efforts in the World  Celebrations.

Culturally, Namibia seems to have a great artistic tradition that stretches back through its history, and is evidenced from its ancient rock paintings,  to more contemporary but exquisitely and beautifully  woven baskets, which provide an income to many families.  It is easy to see that colour and life are part of the Namibian soul by just looking at the fine art some of the most talented in their country has produced.

There is great poverty,   great wealth and an education system that  appears to be lacking in many resources, however it is also a brave country, with brave gifted advocates of its own, who are struggling to support both their academically gifted students and to maintain their traditionally artistic and talented communities.

I am sure that Namibia will benefit greatly from partnering with Roya Klinger, her work and her wealth of experience both in giftedness and artistic talent.

I want to wish all of Namibia great success with their Gifted Education Awareness Week, and thank Roya for asking me to participate in this blogtour in support of same.



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