On Gifted Education Awareness 2012

‘On Gifted Education Awareness Events’

It has been quite pleasant noting that Gifted Awareness has been marked and/or celebrated in several places already here in the initial months of 2012.  In the USA, as far as I am aware this has happened in the  State of Maryland, which has dedicated a whole MONTH, the month of February, as Gifted Awareness Month, and also the State of Kentucky, which has set aside the dates of February the 19th- 25th as Gifted Education Awareness Week.

The third Awareness event, that I am aware of so far, is Ireland.  Ireland had its first Gifted Education awareness Day last year in 2011.  This year it is celebrating a Gifted Education Awareness Week,  during which it’s organisers have worked hard on several planned  events,  from the February the 27th thru to the 3rd of March, and twitter chats onthe 27th  #gtie and 28th #efchatie at 8:30pm(Irish time).   This year the 3rd of March is also the date for the yearly CTYI conference in Dublin, Ireland, applications are available by email through the CTYI website.  Dr. Kimberly Chandler from the College of William and Mary will be the Keynote speaker this year.

Personally, I am also exited because I’ve been given the opportunity to raise awareness through a  three-hour input lecture on Gifted Education to a large group of Learning / Resource Support teachers during the same week out at UCD, here in Dublin, Ireland.

Over the last year Giftedkids.ie and MissionV have also done an amazing job raising awareness with piloting cutting edge technology programs in schools targeting high potential and hidden potential in students here in Ireland.

It is very encouraging to see these kinds of initiatives happening and I would, again,  like to encourage any readers in other countries to give a thought to how having a yearly focal point such as this could help motivate more support for their gifted populations.  I would love to continue to include any new Awareness events, such as these taking place, anywhere in the world, as I encounter them and in this post as the year unfolds.

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