On Giftedness and Teachers Fears…



They don’t care….  They say they will do things, and then it doesn’t happen… they are defensive… They say their hands are tied…

Well, folks, yes, to a point, however… step back a minute, maybe, just maybe they do care,  they hoped to go on that training course that did not happen, or they genuinely thought they might convince the powers that be- that more time and resources should be plugged into these areas.. they ‘thought’ they would be able to do something… or….they are overworked, and have tried so hard to be good teachers, and feel overwhelmed with the enormity of trying to provide for so many different constellations of need.. they just protect themselves by being defensive… Or.. they are genuinely constrained by the overriding policies or principals ethos within a school…

This does not make them bad people..they are scared teachers… ones who want so badly to help your children, but are ‘stuck’.   Thorny situations..



They may never have encountered a ‘gifted’ child.. had training in this area, or if they have had/do.. may not have support from those who decide policy within your school..

Sometimes this can also be soul destroying for teachers..  I know many who have taken this feeling of inadequately providing fortheir students feelings home and had nightmares about it… it is not always in their hands..

Understanding this can go a long way in these situations.. and a hand held out.. it can mean volumes in how your child may be percieved and or provided for…. or how far along the ‘extra mile’… a teacher advocate may go.. in the interest of your kid…




So.. do not forget to thank a teacher, tell them you understand they are overworked, tell them.. and then offer a helping hand if they need it.. you might be surprised what could happen.. ;-D



  1. November 20, 2011 at 9:43p

    Are teachers tenured in Ireland? I realize that there are many great teachers in this world, but the others do exist. Sadly, I have had to deal with far too many who are ‘comfortable’ with their situation and lack motivation to do beyond the minimum. I don’t have any answers to this dilemma, but I know there needs to be one found. *sigh*

  2. GinevraCat
    November 20, 2011 at 9:43p

    Or they start out wanting to help, but end up seeing only the problem, not the person – needing to “win”, ’til everyone loses. 😦

    OTOH, my child has had a few wonderful teachers in the past – teachers who were genuinely open and interested, and who saw ALL of my girl.

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