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On Giftedness and Carrying the Batton of Constance….




Constance…this is a name, actually it is my mothers name.. and suited her well. It means to be continual..even… always there… shaking off the bad, welcoming the good.. continuing to continue… no matter what..seeing things through to the end..and she was, well although aged, and fragile for the trials she’s gone through, still is so to this day..

Well, I was thinking about this name this evening, which is by the way.. also a word..to be ‘Constant’ .. all those things that define this word.. is what we as a population, the ‘Gifted’ population need to aspire to … and we do have many  folk and organisations, who, dispite their differences,  we can  admire look up to…. who have been ‘constant’ over the many years in their support..   to many to name all here.

Some, like the WCGTC, ECHA and the NAGC (USA) and NAGC (UK) have long histories, likewise other’s such as the Gifted Development Centre,  the Belin-Blank Centre, John Hopkins CTY and Renzuli in Conneticuit.  There are also many people, as individuals, within and without these organisations that have also remained ‘Constant’ to the cause, supported these kids, never giving up… Linda Silverman, James Gallager,   Joan Freeman, Dianne Montgomery, Franz Monks,  to name a very very few and so very very many others…

What is heartening to me is to see this ‘Constance’, despite differences,  continuing in folk like Deborah Mersino, of Inngeniosus, Lisa Conrad of Gifted Parenting Support, Elvira Davenport of Elle-Gifted, Mary St. George of  Mary’s Gifted Contacts in NZ,  Roya Klinger -Bavaria Gifted,  JoFrei in Ausssie.. and Tim of  GiftedPhoenix reknown.. the list could go on… and that is a good thing!!

Here’s hoping this ‘Constance’ will continue forward and hold firm with young future scholars, and teachers who will, carry the batton forward…


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