On Giftedness and the Beaufort Wind Scale

Image from European Wind Storms (Wikipeadia)

This is Ireland.  We have alot of wind. Especially in the fall and winter.  In fact today.   As I sit here in the warm yellow glow of a kitchen with a dark window paine facing the night.  I am listening to those winds and being reminded of giftedness.

Why you may ask?  Well some gifted kids are so facscinated by certain subjects that they must learn all they can about them before they move on to another subject.  This was the experience I had with one of my children when very young.  It was maps and geography, than trains, than chess, than the guiness book of records… you get the picture… for a brief period however it was wind, and more precicely the Beaufort Wind Scale that was the flavour of the month..

My memories lead me to many nights/early mornings when I would be woken up by a small hand.. not to chase the boogies from  under the bed… but to be led solomly downstairs by the hand and out the front door to stand in various windstorms, bathrobes whiping all around, while a small little someone ‘tested’ what strength the wind was blowing….

Such is one sweet memory of life with a gifted little one.. ;-D

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