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Giftedness and being a Visual Creator

Being a Globally Visual Person, in a flat line world…

I have had people get after me all my life, for not following directions.  receiving any item, I tend, and always have tended to distractedly push the manual aside, and gleefully use my creative insight to see if I can figure out how to do something, make something, or figure it out… Don’t get me wrong, if I really start to have trouble I might consult the instructions (briefly) but I enjoy working on stuff.

I attribute this to behaviour to the space within my brain.  You see, when I want to figure something out, or build something, or make something I go there.. It is like a big, cavernous room with a table in the middle, on which I can place, lay or look at an object or idea with my minds eye.

In this place I can zoom in or out, move around it see the problem, object or idea from many angles.. kind of like 3D vision.. it helps me understand and ‘see’ what I need to ‘see’ in order to work with what my attention is focused on.. always as a whole.  I then work back from there, through the layers until I reach the origin.  Having been through this process means that I may now understand how something was put together/could be created and I can then go about the business of getting something to work, bringing an idea to fruition, create a creation, work through a problem, or construct something.

It is rather different than having all the pieces lined up on a table with a set of rules and instructions where you build something one step at a time with a certain piece and if  you lose the instructions, you can’t move forward anymore.. cause you can’t see the end product as it should be, and you don’t know how to proceed without the instruction so you stop, can’t go forward, and maybe do not/cannot follow an idea/construction/problem/creation to it’s end cause there is a hole in the road, and a sequential mind that does not know to go around it and try a new direction…

It is hard to explain, but my mind works like this, I am good at making things from ideas, or pictures… without instructions or pre cut materials.   My son once had to build a model guillotine for a french history class and asked for help.. I saw a picture of one.. took some balsa wood, and helped him build one as an exact scaled down model of the one in the picture.. with no instructions, without even a proper ruler, and a kitchen knife.. with a bit of twine we even had it working, and could pretend to behead a small stuffed animal….

I saw the picture, put it in my minds eye, manipulated it in many directions and then carefully took it apart layer by layer.. I then could ‘see’ how it went together, and what it would take to build something similar.. and I was able to help build our miniature one with ease.

I also sketch horses,.. I do so rather well, I might say.. this is because I can almost feel them,  see them breath. In my minds eye I can walk up to the animal feel the muscle/bone structure, than stand back and walk around it, see the curve of the hoof, the toss of the main, the carriage of the tail, the expression in the eye.. the emotion in the motion.. and this carries through to my hands and onto paper.

My daughter asked for a gandalf cape, I haven’t a pattern, but I have seen the Lord of the Rings and Gandalf in his cape.. I bought a roll of material, and have just finished making it.. complete with large hood.. I have never made one before, but my minds eye room helped to guide me.. she’s happy..

It’s kinda a neat trait, unfortunately it can sometimes be crippling too.. as it is really all about perception.  When it is applied to an idea, or perhaps a decision that has to be taken it can at times be crippling as when you can see a problem from all angles, than you can also see not only the positives, but also all the negatives as well, there are so many what if’s that it becomes terrifying.. and occasionally crippling.. we get stuck. If we do work it down to the core element, it is sometimes so frightening we freeze.  It is then that we need our sequential friends to help ‘unstick us’… and help us out of our 3D spaces by showing us the stepping stones we need to take out of our minds eye caverns, and into the fresh air for a while… ;-D..

Not sure if any of this makes sense.. but there it is… If you are a visual spatial, please tell me, how does it work for you??

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  1. May 14, 2011 at 9:43p

    Hi there, you are right, our edu system should take care of those who are bored with tons of text and keen on the visual things:). I would like to share you my thread about this interesting topic: http://www.1vietnamedu.com/2011/04/visualization-inevitable-trend-of.html

  2. May 14, 2011 at 9:43p

    Thank you Minh Kim for your comment…. I will look at your thread… I am aware that there are changes in vietnam re gifted.. it is interesting to follow what is happening in the world..

  3. May 16, 2011 at 9:43p

    Les, I appreciate your being so candid about the life of a visual-spatial learner. Until rather recently, I spent a lot of time in that same place but didn’t think much about it … I thought everyone thought the same way I did. Although I’m not an accomplished artist such as yourself, I do visualize end products in much the same way. 😉

  4. May 16, 2011 at 9:43p

    Thanks Lisa… I also think that in some cases, although I am not sure, that it might be a cause for perfectionistic blockage… as seeing things as you ‘know’ they should be/or want them to be… from all angles, and the fear of the possibility that you may not ‘get it right, like the picture in your mind’.. can inhibit the starting in the first place… just sometimes maybe..

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