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On Giftedness and Ireland moving Ahead

On Giftedness and Irish Advocates moving ahead in  2011- the year for Celebrating Irish Talent and Ingeniuity  with…

It’s amazing, and so heartening to watch, listen and see the explosion of gifted advocay efforts that seem to be sweeping various sectors of the Irish gifted community.. Over the last year I have spent time watching them take tentitive steps, than getting more confident and assured, and then with sure steps, striding out and taking charge.  This aura of strength and self assuredness has acted like a magnet, attracting parents and educators to greater Advocacy efforts..

The economy is desprate, the cuts have been harsh, grants removed and education, inparticular the education of gifted children has, at least governmentlly, has been pushed so far back on the legislative burner, it was hard to see where it would end up…  however, this situation may have actually (yes, I use that word too!! ) been the blessing, the impetus that could very well spell change.. if.we.dare.. and stand.united.supporting.each.other

You see, the thing is, what the cooks forgot is that there was a flame burning under that pot.. maybe slow burning, but burning none the less, and being feed by discontent and truth.. the steadiness of that flame, although slow has been sure and  hot enough to boil,  the steam to drive  it forward.  With any luck, 2011 will be an exciting journey, with many, many new, beneficial, powerfully transforming events along the way.

Links to some of the folks responsible for fueling this fire:


Margaret Keane – founder of a vast website, full of information and resources for the gifted community, and run on an entirely voluntary basis. Offering free webinars on a variety of topics realted to gifted issues and presently involved in the Mission V project with James Colbert of Daynuv.com.  This exciting project involves a 3-D Second Life type platform for meeting the needs of exceptionally able in school environments. More information on this interesting project will be presented at the CTYI Conference on March 5th.

Irish Gifted Education

Dr. Catherine O’Riordan and Karen McCarthy, better known as DazzledandFrazzled.com as a parent advocacy team they have been instrumental in founding the GAS or Gifted Advocacy Support group,  Both excellent social networkers, they are the officially global representatives for #gtchat, the twitter hashtag for global gifted chats. They have put together an excellent presentation on this platfom/topic, which they will be presenting at the CTYI Conference this March the 5th.

They are collaborating on the National Gifted Education Awareness Day initiative with Peter Lydon, Secondary Teacher, an educational advocate who also maintains the following sites:

Gifted & Talented Ireland


Peter is a Geography teacher who also spent many years teaching a number of subjects to gifted students taking part on the Center for Talented Youth in Ireland CTYI courses.  Recently he has devoted huge amounts of time developing his two sites, a facebook page for National Gifted Education Awareness Day, and an Irish twitter chat session #gtie on Sunday evenings for parents and teachers in Ireland to discuss topics around Gifted issues. 

Speaking of  CTYI,  this would be a good time to say that  the  CTYI annual conference which will be taking place on March the 5th. Being the principal provider for out of school programs for gifted students around the country, it”s conference, without a doubt will be the biggest magnet for gifted families.  This year will be featuring presentations by both Giftedkids.ie and Frazzled&Dazzled.com, among other interesting speakers such as Dr. Tracy Cross from the USA, and Sarah McKlwee(link to giftedkids webinar with bio) currently with Oxford University.  Well done and a big thank you to Mr. Colm O’Rielly, the director of the centre and his hard working team.

I have had the pleasure and opportunity in years past to be a presenter at this conference,  and recommend it highly. Sadly and unfortunatly it was  not to be my pleasure this year, however, I  know that it will be a brilliant conference and important in terms of drawing people together, so this makes me happy.

April, the 8th which is designated as the National Gifted Education Awareness Day for Ireland. , will be interesting, and interesting to hear what different folk are doing, what events are planned, and hopefully, with any luck, be able to  contribute something as well…

Seperately, and also interestingly, there will be here in Ireland (as a European country)  celebrations and festivities taking place as well as  in many other countries around Europe for the European Talent Day on April the 9th.

We hope as  momentum gathers, events like these will  help propel advocacy for our many talented students forward into a new era of understanding and support.

So…. will you plan something for National Gifted Education Awareness  Day?.. Will you attend and event?.. You could start by attending the CTYI Conference and find out what you could do, even in a small way to make your mark, and acknowledge that ‘Ireland’s got Talent’ by the bucketful. 

However, and we all know this, IT  TAKES SUPPORT  TO MAKE IT HAPPEN…. . ;-D……

  1. February 22, 2011 at 9:43p

    Not only is Ireland shinning, but it is shinning a light on the possibilities inherent in strong advocacy regardless of the economy. The power of social media is showing its strength as we join together around the world to support gifted children! Well written, Les!

    • February 22, 2011 at 9:43p

      Thanks Lisa.. having trouble finding time to write these days, but for what it’s worth.. it was written…

  2. February 23, 2011 at 9:43p

    Leslie, Just so you know, both days are being marked in Ireland. Anyone who has an event they would like to organise can list in on the Gifted and Talented Ireland 2011 Facebook Page. It’s very much an ‘open commons’ type day – entirely up to peoples creativity what they organise – there are ideas listed on Catherine’s Riordan and Karen McCarthy Blog.
    Thanks for your highlighting of this.

  1. February 22, 2011 at 9:43p

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