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On Giftedness and Resilance

‘On Giftedness and …  living to fight another day….

Hey, life is tough… this is something that can come as a shock to kids… we bring them up, hoping to instill a scense of value in them, honourable intentions, alturistic tendencies..  and then… they meet the real world, and sometimes their worlds really do come crashing down.. and hard.. especially our gifted ones.. to whom ideals are spiritually and integrally important..  they may lash out and hold you, as a parent or teacher to account… ‘but, you said…’,  this is not happening as you told me it would…’  ‘Why do people behave as they do?’ ‘How come I am not believed? don’t they know inside I am a  good person, did not mean to hurt/inconvienience someone?’  Why do adults damage the very things that will effect us (their children) when we grow up?…   Uncomfortable places for parents to be..  however.. life is hard.. and we must give opportunities for kids to experience, accept and move on as intact human beings.. we can provide safety nets and sounding boards, but if they are to survive they need to us to allow them to fall as well… because fall they will…. and in falling they will learn where the handholds are on that rockwall of life, and hopefully, with enough encouragement, find their way back up that wall, and be stronger for it.

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