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Giftedness and the Darkness

Darkness and the death of a bright spark..’

Trust, we want to trust

feel safety, firm ground under our feet

To ourselves, and to others

Who we care for be true

And this path does exsist,

and we do walk it, when we can

However, comes a time when

like a towel on the wind

the road snaps and flaps

the motion changes the perceptions

shifts occur, so disorientating

it blurs  the expressions on

the faces, the intent, of those

who appeared close, but are now far

They crumble, murge, and

like quicksand pull you down

the gooey, dark awaits, confusion

my heart within still

shines with goodness, even as

it dies, crying athousand tears

In it’s attempt to give, it was not smart

it did not see the tear apart, again

This I swear, I will never

I will never



by Leslinks (me)’

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