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On Giftedness and Reaching out…

On Giftedness, and   ” The  ITL Festival Experience….”

Getting up  in the morning, trying to settle family into a semblance of order before throwing on a suit, my laptop into the Jeep  and making my way through the rush hour traffic to the ITL Festival conference, I spent time reflecting on the possibilities of the day before me.. I wondered, would I met up with any folk I knew? Would I hear a twitter name mentioned and say ‘aha’ I know who you are!!  Would folk listen, when I presented on The Gifted, the Challenging times we live in, .and some ideas of how to provide.. would it be worth it at all..??

Well, I can certainly say that, although it was a small conference, there was a lot of technology there for the learning, and some really learned names presenting.. and an open, welcoming and interested attendance base..  My own first talk, led me to meeting with  several teachers seeking more information, and a couple of parents with whom I spoke at length, as well as several exhibitors wanting to know more.  I felt l had a good rapport with folk during the first day of the conference, and suggested to all that they expand their PLN’s by attending the 16th’s #gtchat talk by @Frazziled and @Dazziled, as well as the Giftedkids/Daynuv talk on 3D immersive virtual world for gifted.

The second day was even better, I got to have a chat with Colm O’Reily (@CTYI2) from the Centre of Talented Youth here in Ireland, who also had an exhibition stand, and attended the #gtchat session. Frazziled an Dazziled were fantastic and had a well attended session. Their presentation was clear and easily understood, and connected well with their audience. It was apparent that the folk attending were engaged and taking down/ in the information that was offered and that is the best indication that these folk would be testing the waters of twitter and #gtchat in the near future.. Deborah Mersino is lucky to have these capable ladies in the purple tee shirts as Ambassadors for Global #Gtchat. It was also great to put a face on many of the tweeple we had been twittering with…

After my second presentation on the same day, I was able to experience the Giftedkidsie/Daynuv Mission V, 3D Virtual world Gifted  pilot projet.  They worked with five gifted students in an Irish primary school, creating a Virtual space in which the students could build an environment of their own design.  It had a great effect on the students engagement, and also from a social dynamic point of view..  It will be extremely interesting to see this expand into the next phase of their project which will take in 20 schools into the program.  It is great to see immersive technology being used this way, so many gifted kids, as well as others  respond so well to this type of media.  Ireland is really lucky to have this happening right here in our country.. http://www.giftedkids.ie (@giftedkidsie), and http://www.daynuv.ie (@daynuv)  are true innovators!

It was a privilege to be amongst such creative and committed gatherings of gifted supporters.. and I salute you all! Let’s hope this is a new and fresh beginning for Gifted support in Ireland. Was it worth it??  Well,.. Yes!! it was ;-D..

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