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On Giftedness and Collaboration/Sharing and Conferences…

On Giftedness and upcoming  Irish Teaching and Learning Festival (ITL)(@itlfestival)... Conference

This Friday, October 15th and 16th,  a rather interesting event is going to take place here in Dublin’s fair city… in Ireland.  It is a conference called the ITL Festival, or the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival.  It is going to be an event worth attending with a wealth of exhibitors, demonstrators, workshops and of course some very worthwhile speakers.

The theme will be primarily centred around new and innovative technology and learning methods which involve same. There will be whiteboards, info on Virtual worlds technology and mobile phone app’s usage in education. Teachers who use technology will have a blast, and those that have not yet dipped their toes into this world will come away with a much greater understanding of what is out there and the possible uses in their schools.

The other interesting happening at the festival is the great lineup of speakers, expert in their fields.  There will be talks on the use of technology in many areas, and most importantly for our field, there will be no less than five presenters at the festival speaking on topics related to Giftedness, as well as an Exhibit stand sponsored by CTYI or the Irish Centre for Talented Youth.

Sharing information on Giftedness and exceptional ability to wider audiences such as at teachers conferences like this is a wonderful way to collaborate with people who are extremely important to reach, in that these are the persons who teach/may be teaching the children that come to schools from our communities.  I think it is wonderful to see so many willing to give of their hearts, minds and time..

If there are any of you folk out there that would like information on the Festival you may access it here.

The Conference program, with details on the speakers and their presentations can be accessed here ,  scroll down through the program to see details of the following folk who are concerned with our Gifted area and speaking or exhibiting:

Friday:       Leslie S. Graves

‘Challenging Times – ‘                                                                           2:00pm

Supporting Exceptionally Able Learners




Karen McCarthy                                                                                     12:00pm

Catherine  O’Riordan

‘Using Social Networks to Support Gifted

Learners in Ireland



Leslie S. Graves

‘Challenging Times’-                                                                         2:00pm

Supporting Exceptionally Able Learners



Margret Keane                                                                                        3:00pm

James Colbert

‘Giftedkids.ie/Daynuv Virtual World Primary

School Project- Immersive Education meeting

the educational needs of Gifted and Twice Exceptional Students’



Both days will see an Exhibit Stand by the Centre for Talented Youth in Ireland (CTYI), Colm O’Reilly Director, and his team will be available with information on the Centres programmes and work in Ireland.


I am sure that it will be great fun, and hopefully prove to be beneficial for the Gifted and Talented Children within Ireland and the community as a whole.. Wish us all luck on the day!!!

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  1. October 12, 2010 at 9:43p

    Oh my goodness! How wonderful to see so many familiar names of wonderful people I’ve met via #gtchat! I know this will be an amazing conference, and I hope many people attend to learn how to empower gifted learners!

    • October 12, 2010 at 9:43p

      Ya, I hope it is successful and that it will help further the understanding of gifted..a little more. Thanks for commenting it is always great to hear from you!!

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