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On Giftedness, Overexcitabilities and Dabrowski the Poet

On TPD and Overexcitabilities- coming across Karen Nelsons (1989) article on Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration, in the Advanced Development Journal, Volume 1, I was taken by this poem, and thought to share it with you all….

In Dabrowski’s ‘Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD), he describes five developmental levels. His concept of five types of increased psychic excitability (or OE’s- Over Excitabilities) are often cited as the expression of his concept of developmental potential, and may be felt in his following creation- an Ode to these souls:

Hail to You

Hail to you, psychoneurotics,

For you percieve sensibility

in the insensibility of the world

uncertainty in its certainty.

For you are often as conscious of others

as of yourself,

For you feel the anxiety of the world,

its limits and its false unlimited assurance…

Four fear of the absurdity of existance.

…For your awkwardness,

for your transcendental realism

and your lack of daily realism…

For your creativity and your exctasy,

For your maladjustment to what is

and your adjustment to what ought to be,

For your immense possibilities not yet actualized…

For what is unique, original, intuitive and infinite in you.

For the solitude and the oddness of your paths

(K. Dabrowski (1970)

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