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On Giftedness and Parent/Teacher Partnerships- Leslinks Ireland

On Giftedness and Parent Partnerships with teachers….

Parent and teacher partnerships have made me think this was a very important topic to think about… Relationships, any relationships do not flourish unless we work at them, and often it does take hard work to make them work..

In order that kids/students feel comfortable, and can motor along smoothly, with their motors purring softly… they need to feel that the adults around them are  working on all cylinders and that there are no broken cogs in the wheels causing disruption and roughness..

Looking back over my children’s schooling I have to say that the most successful years have been with teachers who took the time to talk to me, listened to my fears and expectations, and also shared their fears, expectations and needs.. the ones who included my children in the conversations, and together devised a ‘trail’ or a road as/on to where we hoped to travel..

The least successful were those years where the teacher ‘knew’ where the child should go.. what they felt their ‘difficulties were, and were determined to ‘fix’ them… refusing to listen to either myself as a parent or my child’s point of view.. this inevitably ended with teacher being more and more frustrated and upset as child refused to be ‘fixed’. A great deal of unhappiness all around..

I also remember years in which I had lost faith in the school, and either tried to become ‘too’ involved, upsetting the teacher.. or just stayed away, not being able to face the long battles for provision, and kept extra time and enrichment for my kids to outside school activities.. either of which was not entirely ideal..

The best however, and the most rewarding years when we had receptive teachers,  when I offered to do higher level math, craft, creative writing and puzzle clubs/enrichment activities within the school and was allowed to do this.. My children and their classmates not only enjoyed these changes of routine, but it also made them see the school valued parental skills.  The richness, rappor and harmony were wonderful feelings.. being allowed to give of my skills, and get to know the staff, and feeling the barriers of fear/authority slip away into shared acknowledgment of each others skills and purpose, Valuing and being valued. My kids really enjoyed the atmospher during these years..

Reaching out, holding on to each others hands, educators and parents can stand strong with each other and support children in our care..  Children are happiest, and motor along smoothly, when they feel there is harmony and accord and understanding around them..


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