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On Gifted Sensitivity and Intensity – perceptions..Leslinks Ireland

I can hear trees scream…..

When you throw paper away

without recycling,

I can hear the trees scream,

Once I played Piano

It’s voice is in my heart

Sings so sweetly… I was lost,

When adults build nuclear plants

they know will do harm

My fear is a paralysing madness

Counting numbers

in my head is like a blissfully

blissfulness riding a wave

I can’t look at blood

the thought brings

images of to scary to ponder

My senses are raw

like wire without duck tape on

but I like the spark

A word can make

me happy or

send me reeling into the dark

By me! (Leslinks)

  1. August 17, 2010 at 9:43p

    What a wonderful poem! I did not become a doctor just for that reason. I know the feelings you describe here. Thank you for putting my thoughts into a poem.

    “I once held a shell
    to my ear,
    and I could hear
    the ages tell
    of ships that sailed,
    of mighty whales singing,
    men against sea,
    waves against rocks, flinging
    watery arms onto the land,
    of deep silence and darkness and stillness…
    and golden sand…
    of perfect balance…

    But now, all I can hear
    is the oily black blitz:
    Gushing and rushing. The fear:
    Will it touch my child here
    in my embrace, where she sits?”


  2. August 17, 2010 at 9:43p

    Maryna…. That is astonding, but how amazing is it that out of all the tweeting somehow I was drawn to your posts and links, something hovering almost tangible at the time.. and now you post this most beautiful poem of your own.. Kindred spirits do sometimes seek each other out… The soul I wrote about has me in it, but was written in relation to my ds, who as you, has all the skill/ability and folk around him telling him he should go for Medicine, and yet… for all the included in the poem.. never will..

    I can bet though, and hope that whatever road he does travel.. it brings him and those around him.. joy and flow.. (he is passionate about history too.. so could be good)

    I’d love to share your poem on blog..;-D It truely gave me goosebumps I understood so well.. ;-D

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